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About Us

Founded in 2010, The Black Tank is a product development and engineering design company with the goal of releasing innovative, robust and useful products and solutions for the entertainment, theatrical and architectural markets. We collaborate with manufacturers, sales and marketing agencies and engineering firms to develop new products utilizing our proprietary technology or by innovating new solutions to market challenges.
Our experience spans a variety of markets allowing us to integrate a diverse set of skills and knowledge into the products we work on. We have years of experience developing products across a wide range of markets including – LED and DMX devices, pro-audio, bio-medical, DOD contracting, bio-metrics, along with a variety of others.
Our products are Made in the USA by highly skilled and dedicated technicians and engineers and are built to the most  rigorous quality standards.
Since you are reading this you have either seen our products in action, stumbled upon us by chance, have acquired one of our products previously or care enough about what you do to have followed a trusted referral here. We believe you will find that every device or technology we develop, from the user interfaces, to the functionality, to the performance specifications, to the quality of manufacture, to have been scrutinized to ensure that we deliver solutions that are among the finest in your industry.
Please enjoy our website and let us know your thoughts and ideas regarding your needs, wants for other products and innovations that you can use or places you have become stuck in your product development cycle. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and to support you in your initiatives.

Photometrics Lab

You rely on the highest performing products to do your job – we are here to support you.  In an effort to continuously improve the performance of our products we have recently added a purpose built photometrics testing lab to our list of in-house capabilities.
Photometric Testing provides a quantitative analysis relative to the amount, colour, quality and spatial distribution of light emitted from lamps, LEDs and luminaires. During development we are now able quickly and accurately analyze luminous flux (lumens), unified glare ratio (UGR), scotopic lumens and S:P ratio, chromaticity, CCT, color rendering, luminous efficacy (wall plug efficiency) and power factor. This capability, coupled with the use of the latest high end LEDs, optics and patented heat dissipation technology, will allow us to continue to develop new products with amazing performance.
Although we will still provide our customers with third part testing results, our new capability provides a means for us to rapidly and quantitatively optimize new products with amazing performance.

Manufacturing 3

Our Products are manufactured from the highest quality components and materials – they are made in the USA by highly skilled technicians. The process is monitored by a dedicated team of manufacturing engineers and project managers to ensure that every fixture is produced to our exact specification. The high quality components used and the attention to manufacturing detail translate into amazing performance and product lifetime.

The manufacturing process for our products is very tightly controlled – this includes a 100% functional test of all fixtures prior to being boxed. The functional test includes a careful review of the LEDs, optics positioning, and functionality of DMX and Manual control.
The Cube™ Family use the latest technology LEDs which have been micro binned using our proprietary methodology. Binning is a term that is used to describe how closely LEDs match to one another. In order to bin LEDs, chip manufacturers test every LED and separate them out by color temperature, lumen output, efficiency (output per watt of input power) and other key differentiators. The smaller and “tighter” the chip manufacturers bin the LEDs the more consistent and high quality they will be – this comes at a price (which we feel is worth it).
Most manufacturers use LEDs which are a few years past their prime and also which are not tightly binned. This costs the manufacturers far less but results in poorer performance, longevity, lumen output and will ensure that fixtures do not match from batch to batch or even within a specific batch.
We do not cut corners or even use one specific manufacturers chips when it comes to LEDs – we use the latest technology and the highest quality LEDs on the market. The LEDs we use are likely the tightest binned LEDs of any manufacturer – resulting in very consistent and high quality lighting output. This level of quality costs us more but is worth the increase in performance and quality of light.

Another component that was highly scrutinized were the optics. These optics have been hand selected and quantitatively analyzed to determine the best fit for each LED selected. Don’t be afraid to shoot out one of our fixtures with any competitor’s fixture – the optical quality is amazing and so is the ability to generate quality light and color. LEDs and optics are key to delivering the full potential of any LED fixture.
Along with LEDs and optics there are three circuit cards in each fixture (main board, LED board and connector board). Every circuit card in every MIRO Cube™ has a unique and traceable barcode on it. These bar codes allow us to trace each component back to its place and date of origin along with the date, time, resources involved with its installation in the product. We can track what testing has been performed on each fixture and what the results were. This is key considering that all LED fixtures are pieces of technology – each component is critical and complex. Over time this feature will become a greater benefit as fixtures are distributed around the world and customers become repeat customers.

LFI 2014

We formed a strategic partnership with Rosco Laboratories ( in 2013 to design, develop, and distribute LED lighting fixtures to the entertainment and architecture markets. The initial result of this partnership is the MIRO Cube™, a new line of versatile LED fixtures based on Black Tank’s successful BRICKBLASTER fixtures. Products developed under this partnership are targeted at lighting professionals in live entertainment, film and television, museums, architecture, and theme parks.
Rosco is a world class organization and we are proud work with them in supporting and launching our products globally.  Rosco, was founded in 1910, and is comprised of interesting and amazing people. Rosco now offers products in more than a dozen categories. These include gobos (or patterns), correction filters for film lighting, fog and haze machines, dance floors, scenic paint and backdrops for theatre and film/video.
Rosco also has innovated a number of lighting equipment products, including rotators, projectors, intelligent mirrors and LitePads; remarkable LED-based fixtures.
Rosco’s headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, with other US facilities near Austin, Texas and Hollywood, California. A truly multi-national company, Rosco maintains fully staffed businesses in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, and Spain.

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