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Size Matters. Compact LED Fixtures.

Miro Cube 4CA

The Miro Cube 4CA packs an unprecedented 50 watts of output into just a 4 inch cube! The fixture is built on Black Tank’s innovative controls and patented heat management technology which provides users amazing light quality and options for broad-ranging installations all applications!


Compact Design

No space is wasted in the Miro Cube. Our unique patented heat management system allows 50W of LEDs to be packed into a tiny 4 inch cube.

Flicker Free Operation

Our Cube fixtures offer a full range of flicker-free operation which is significantly important for Film and TV industry.

Future Proof

Completely connectorized internally, new LED boards can be installed in minutes – for repairs or upgrades or even converting a 4C to a WNC in the field.

Tightly Binned LEDs

Comparibility and reproducibility are important, and we make sure our LEDs are tightly binned ensuring you have matching light from one cube to the next.

Key Features

Easy Installation
Available with Entertainment (XLR) and Architectural (RJ45) connectors

Patented Heat Management
Packs the most lumens into the smallest form factor

Low Power
48W consumption puts more than 45 fixtures on a single 20A circuit

Modular Design
Easily configure Miro Cubes in strips or arrays

Future Proof
Interchangeable LED board allows you to keep up with our latest technology



Manual & Datasheets

Miro Cube Documents

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