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Size Matters. Compact LED Fixtures.

UK – Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, first built in 1812 in the heart of London’s West End, has recently completed a £4m restoration. A key component to restoring the historic venue’s Grand Saloon Bar to its original regency-style décor was keeping the look and feel of the space as theatrical as possible.
Architect Norman Bragg and Theatre Royal’s Steve McAndrew, the team responsible for illuminating the space, wanted to install efficient LED lighting to showcase the restored architectural elements, but it was imperative that the modern-day fixtures didn’t distract from the 19th century style of the design.
Provided by lighting specialists Stage Electrics, who supplied a full architectural LED lighting solution into the theatre, Rosco’s new Miro Cube LED fixtures were chosen because of their compact size and high light output.
“The bright output realised from the self-contained, compact, 4″ footprint and the minimalist cube design of Rosco’s fixtures made them a natural fit for this installation,” comments Paul Roughton, business development manager for Stage Electrics. Fourteen Miro Cube 4C fixtures, specified in white housings, were installed throughout the Grand Saloon Bar. Fixtures were mounted above the main doorways as well as hidden on top of the crown moulding to highlight the gold decorative accents designed into the curve of the Grand Saloon’s arched ceiling.
Though predominantly lit with white light, the Grand Saloon is often hired out for special events where a coloured accent or theme is desired. The Miro Cube 4C’s native cool white combined with its colour changing capabilities provided the bright output and versatility required. The 4C produces a flattering white light in the space during normal exhibition and performance hours, but can quickly be reprogrammed by the theatre’s staff to match the colour pallet of an evening’s event.
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