Size Matters. Compact LED Fixtures.



Black Tank is proud to announce the award of US Patent No. 8,767,398 which has been granted in the USA and Mexico and is pending internationally.

The patented heat sink technology, developed by Black Tank and used in Rosco’s MIRO Cube™ family of products, is capable of efficiently dissipating large amounts of heat from high power Printed Circuit Board (PCB) surface mounted LED chips and enables extended fixture life without sacrificing light intensity. It can be utilized with inexpensive FR4 circuit board material allowing for compact and lightweight, scalable, configurable and modular LED fixture designs to be developed in varying shapes and sizes. Black Tank’s heat sink technology keeps the exterior of LED fixtures cool to the touch. It also enables the removal and replacement of LED modules, providing a means to “future proof” the LED modules in fixtures as LED technology progresses or as a means to maintain aging luminaires.

  • Compact, Lightweight Luminaires With Output Equal To Fixtures 4 To 5 Times Their Size
  • Extended Fixture Life Via Even and Efficient Heat Removal- Without Sacrificing Light Intensity
  • The Exterior Of LED Fixtures to Stay Cool To The Touch During Continuous Operation
  • Removal And Replacement Of LED Modules – Providing A Means To “Future Proof” The LEDs As Technology Progresses Or As A Means To Maintain Aging Luminaires
  • Fixture Design Without The Need For Bulky Aluminum Fins Or Heat Sinks Coupled To The Fixture Housing
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